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I started taking Perfect C because I had breastfed my daughter and my bust went from a 36I to a 34b but had lots of excess skin. My doctor said that the only way to fix this was surgery. After taking Perfect C for 6 months, I am now a 34D and am extremely happy with my results.
Claire from Fife, Scotland
Four months after taking Perfect C my breasts had gone from a 32B to 32C. On the day Ian and I got married, I had the figure I always wanted – a slim waist and breasts to be proud of.
Sarah Campbell, Newcastle
I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU for your SUPERB products. I had very bad arthritis in my left knee – the pain was horrendous. I am amazed to say that after just 4 days of taking Pure-Col collagen capsules, the pain was gone!
A Warner, Yorkshire
I had to come off HRT as it didn’t suit me at all. Within a week of taking Perfect Harmony, the sweats had disappeared and they have stayed away since. I recommend Perfect Harmony for anyone experiencing menopausal symptoms.
Hazel Dunn, North Shields
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Perfect Aloe Matrix to anyone who has suffered as I have with acute IBS or food intolerances. If it works for you as it has for me, you won’t look back!
Jennifer Brady, London

Perfect Look & Health Ltd is a manufacturer of some of the UK’s leading health, beauty and sports/fitness supplements. The company offers an extensive portfolio of high quality and innovative natural products to help a range of ailments, conditions and complaints.

Our products have received extensive coverage across the UK media and many celebrities, leading experts as well as athletes and sportspeople now endorse our products based on their own experiences.

Our primary goals are outlined below:

  • To produce the best quality supplements found anywhere
  • To provide a professional, excellent and rapid service for all of our customers
  • To drive the industry and market forward with competitive pricing, top services and innovation
  • To deliver real solutions for people where prescription medication is not working

Our product portfolio includes the following:

Perfect C

perfect-c-120For women seeking a natural alternative to breast augmentation.

Pure-Col Collagen

pure-colFor sportspeople, athletes and gym goers seeking physiological protection and repair as well as those suffering from general aches and pains including arthritis.


painnomore-120A deep healing lotion which, applied topically, acts as a deep heat, alleviating muscular and joint aches and pains.

Aloe Matrix capsules

aloe-matrixIdeal for both those suffering from digestive issues including bloating, IBS, Crohn’s disease and Colitis. Aloe vera also promotes weight loss and detoxification.

Perfect Harmony

perfect-herony-120A great mood and hormone balancer for people suffering with PMS and menopause and providing a natural soya based alternative to HRT.

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